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Welcome to Wirlaburla's Site!

Available on this site are plenty of virtual archives and content from places all over, some user created and some official. Content such as Worlds.com, Active Worlds, VRML, etc are continously updated and added to this site in order to publicly preserve and make available. The goal of this site is to keep history and media alive. Wirlaburla also provides trusted users access to their own folders for uploading their own creations and works publicly.

I started Wirlaburla.site because people were looking for more convenient ways to upload and host Worlds.com worlds they have created. Since I gave access to users own folders via FTP, it was quite easy for them to change whatever as they pleased, making it efficient since they didn't have to wait on me. Since then, I've added many different goals and archives across the site.

I hope you enjoy my site and what it offers! Please report any malicious or dangerous content hosted here to me via email.


For September 2020

MGM-BR by Worlds Inc


Club Kiwi by CROWSMOLD


Per-Heh by Pehtomi


CyberGZ by DOSFox