Autumn 2020

October 8th - November 28th

Theme: Horror

It is no surprise that Worlds is full of creativity and masterpieces of artwork by users all over. There are some incredibly well made worlds and visual peices that really can blow you away. Worlds such as Heulen18, Per-Heh, Polygon Dust, Expired's World, and many more. Worlds is full of imaginative and creative artists.

That is why we are excited and happy to announce the first annual Buildfest! Starting October 8th and ending November 28th, put your skills to the test and build your world fitting the theme. Have it compete against many others in the competition. When the time comes, the judging will be live broadcasted audio only on WirlaStation.

Meet the Judges


A host and builder who appreciates the feeling from worlds.


A host who does tours and pays attentions to the small details that matter.


A tour guide, and enjoys the structure and flow of Worlds.

How do I enter?

Build a world fitting the theme of this competition and submit it by emailing here before the final date. Judges will be scoring your world based off of the following points:

Your world must be completely appropriate and malware free. Extensive checks and safety measures will be taken to be sure this is followed thoroughly. If your world fails these checks, you will be permanently disqualified from the competiton.

Worlds submitted will be kept private until after the closing date. Judging will happen at a later date.

I can't build a world

Worry not. A big part of this competition is also to help those who want to build a world, which is why in the next week, a basic shaper guide will be uploaded and published for even the newbies to learn! Be creative!

Check back later to see if it's ready yet!

BuildFest would like to publicly thank the work of Jett and SirGemini.