Starbright Pediatric Network and Starbright World Who In 1995, Worlds Incorporated, Sprint, UB Networks, Tandem, and Intel teamed up with Steven Spielberg's Starbright Foundation to create an avatar virtual world for kids confined to hospital. The worlds came online at five pediatric hospitals in the United States in late 1995.

The transporter teleported you right into The Hub. It was the heart of the Worlds Chat Space Station. In Worlds Chat you were in first person view only, that is, you saw the world through your own eyes. There was no way to see yourself except by using the one available mirror in Glee Pod. You could however ask someone to take a screen capture of you, which was done quite often.

One of the worlds available to registered users.....Inside the desert Ziggurat on Desert Planet. There was haunting music and distant flying creatures. Each of the six arms of the station would provide access to unique chat areas, such as a peaceful forest, a desert pyramid, a castle, and a floating sky structure.The user could teleport to the top of three levels in the space station, or by another means of transport: the lift.