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WIRLMASTER> Welcome to WirlaMC! Please leave your sanity at the door.

ONLINE | Paper 1.16.4 | 0/20


WirlaMC is a semi-vanilla server keeping true to the vanilla gameplay. It's a small and private server mostly for friends, but opened to all. The whitelist is enabled and protection plugins are in place so any bad behavior can be reverted.

We also have a Bedrock proxy available for those who want to play on the go or do not have Java edition.


[ Harrassment is not tolerated (this includes slurs, insults, etc without any reasonable fitting context) ]

[ No highly controversial or offensive builds ]

[ No cheating! (X-Ray, Hack Clients, etc) ]

[ Killing/Stealing is allowed, but frowned upon ]

[ No mods that give you an advantage ]

[ Griefing is only allowed within reason (No destroying someones house, but you could destroy a 1 block cobblestone tower) ]