WorldsBot Changelog

Coded by Wirlaburla

A Discord bot for integration and information.

--> 0.2.1

-> 08/11/20

* Fixed linked users support.

* Setting a prefix to more than one character should now work.

--> 0.2

-> 08/09/20

* Commands can now use discord tags as arguments.

* Account links will have their own configurations now.

* Made more use of the Embeds.

* Bot can now be used on multiple servers without issues.

* Servers can customize their own prefix.

* Mentioning the bot will inform you of the prefix.

* alink has been moved under the new 'admin' command.

* About command. You came here somehow...

- Linking by users is still not possible

- Removed the ability for adding a role.

--> 0.1

-> Who knows?

* Initial Release.